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The Club also supports and promotes the profession of rural journalism through its annual rural media awards, Rural Journalism Hall of Fame and other initiatives.

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31st Jan 17

Rural Press Club announces 2017 Rural Media Award winners

The Rural Press Club of Queensland congratulates the winners of its 2017 Rural Media Awards.

6th Dec 16

2016 Rural Press Club & Agribusiness Australia Christmas Party

The 2016 Rural Press Club and Agribusiness Australia Christmas Party was held at the ABC Southbank studios on Thursday, 1 December.


  • 16th Mar 17 Brisbane

    March 2017 - Networking Night and The Betoota Advocate

    Local News, Global Reach - the Renaissance of Regional Reporting

    The Betoota Advocate is arguably one of Australia’s most popular satirical news sites.

    Established by Errol Parker (Editor-at-large) and Clancy Overell (Editor), The Betoota Advocate claims to be ‘Australia’s oldest newspaper’ and published from the far south west Queensland town of Betoota (population 0).

    Since venturing online in 2014, it has quickly become a player in online 'news' and entertainment, punching far above its weight, given not a word of it is true and it was launched by three young blokes with not much more than a laptop and a distinctively larrikin Aussie humour.

    Join us for our March evening event to network with media professionals and hear how the funny duo went from humble beginnings to the legends behind the digital news sensation that is The Betoota Advocate.

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